It’s almost Spring and your head drops to the ground when you think about mowing your bumpy, beat up lawn.  While your neighbor is sitting there running his sprinklers on his beautiful yard, you start to wonder how you’re ever going to get your grass growing and yard more level.  You go to your local yard store and you buy grass seed, but you cannot grow grass because your yard has clay on top and not a nice, fresh layer of topsoil.  Where you do get some grass growing, you start to see all kinds of weeds and insects.  Your fescue yard just cannot take the heat.  It gets beaten, overheated, and dies.  It tried to come back and you spread rye in the fall to get some green out of it, but your yard by now looks like something that has been dug up and re-done so many times its embarrassing. Here in Tennessee, we live in a pretty drought ridden area from time to time.  It’s important that your yard stays on its proper watering and fertilizer schedule.  If you fall behind just a little on your fescue lawn, then you can kiss your dream yard good bye. Our recommendation, get yourself some zoysia.  Why zoysia?  Zoysia thrives in the heat (drought tolerant),  doesn’t need watered much, requires little maintenance, is highly resistant to weeds, insects, and diseases, requires less mowing (slow grass growth), is very lush and thick, greens beautifully in the hot months, and tolerates high traffic.  Read about our Zoysia by clicking the following link: Zoysia Sod Ok, now you want a zoysia lawn?  What to do now?  Contact us so we can come to your home and give you a quote to remove your old beat up yard and create your dream zoysia lawn.  There’s nothing that will come close to your golf club yard feel and make you love walking outside more than a new zoysia lawn. Look at your neighbor with confidence, get a Sod Source new zoysia lawn and be happy about your lawn! Contact us today for your zoysia lawn new quote!    

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