Fescue sod is a cold season grass, meaning it's best to be planted in the early spring and fall months.  It's these times that the sun is less intense and allows this cool season grass not to burn up and requires less watering.  See our watering instructions for fescue sod on this page sodsource.com/water-sod.  Fescue sod is best used in transition zone and cool season zone. 


Bermuda sod is a great addition to any home lawn, sports field, or any other high traffic areas.  Bermuda greens up in the heat of the summer, and usually goes dormant in the late fall, early winter when the soil underneath falls to a temperature below 60 degrees.  Maintaining Bermuda has never been easier, as it grows relatively slow.  Bermuda sod is best to be used in the transition zone or warm season zone.


Zoysia sod is the most premium sod of any of the turfs here in Tennessee.  If you have a zoysia lawn, your neighbors will be jealous.  Zoysia is a warm season grass and goes dormant in the late fall, early winter.  It is a very thick and dense turf referred to most as a beautiful, carpet like grass.  Zoysia thrives in the heat of the summer and is highly resistant to traffic, diseases, and weeds.

Zoysia Sod

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