When is the best time to lay sod in Tennessee?  That's a question many ask themselves when wanting to sod their lawn.  The best time is going to be different depending on the sod you choose to go with.  If you want to sod your yard with Bermuda, then you would want to wait until the late Spring and summer.  The reason for this is because Bermuda is a warm season grass, meaning it thrives in the heat.  It can tolerate drought conditions very well, as it loves its sunlight.  Zoysia is the same too.  Zoysia is a warm season grass which thrives as well in the warm season months.  If you are looking at sodding your yard with fescue, your best action to take would be in the early spring, late fall.  It is ok if you lay fescue sod in Tennessee in the heat, if you have an irrigation system, or you can dedicate a full 2 weeks to a tight watering schedule.  You can follow our watering instructions by clicking on this link Water Sod.  But your best bet is to wait until cooler temps arise so that the fescue can flourish and take root quickly.  I hope this simple summary helps you with understanding the different sod types and when they should be laid in their respectable conditions.  Have a great day and keep it green!




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